Modular Office Systems
Qualified Systems Installations, Inc. provides full service to modular office systems. QSI also provides modular office system leasing, warehousing and inventory retension.


Modular Office Systems


ualified Systems Installations, Inc. is a company with one purpose: to take the mystery out of modular system installation. And to do it right.

Doing it right to us means providing a superior service at a competitive price . . . making sure that every piece is properly set and all components of the system work in unison . . . looking down any row at any angle and seeing perfection in the lines.

Doing the job on time, and presenting an invoice that is fair. We are very serious about what we do. We have to be. After all, you can choose from a number of other resources to do the job. Yet we believe that when you utilize our services, you will consider it one of your best facility management decisions.

Our customers really describe us best. Browse through a few of our correspondence letters and see what our customers have to say about our service.


QSI professionally installs these fine products:

All Steel Knoll
Alma Lunstead
American Co. Seating Co. National
Artec (Cetra) Panel Concepts
Cramer Reff
Dynell Todd Sequel (Vecta-Steelcase)
Harter Steelcase 9000
Haworth Steelcase Avenir
Herman Miller Steelcase Context
Hon (Concensys) Steelcase Montage
I.I.L. (Geiger International) Steelcase Movable Wall
Keller-Thompson Trendway Stow & Davis
Kimball Westinghouse

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