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November 8, 1993

Dear Terry and Kirk:

In this year of tremendous acquisition and growth for us, QSI has proven to be an invaluable asset to Comerica Bank-Texas.

Although we began our relationship because of your company's expertise with modular systems installations, your assistance with relocations and warehouse management have become equally important.

Comerica Bank-Texas is dedicated to providing Quality service to our customers and in turn seek out the best in product and service providers to realize this goal. QSI has consistently met our standards for excellence. This excellence is reflected in the end product our department provides to our internal and external customers.

We would strongly recommend the services of your company for any size systems installation or relocation services.


Connie Starr, IBD
Project Manager
Real Estate & Facilities
Jan Cross
Project Management Coordinator
Real Estate & Facilities



February 15, 1995

RE: Bruce Ege

Dear Kirk and Terry:

This letter is just a follow up to all of our verbal commendations for the wonderful job Ege is doing for Comerica.

In his latest capacity for us as a project manager for Tower preconstruction preparation and department relocations, he has once again proven himself invaluable.

Our end users say Ege is "so good, so helpful, so accommodating; he gets customer input and really cares about helping us: he's a joy to work with. "

Ege always strives to take care of business in the most cost effective manner while maintaining the best of customer service. It is such a tremendous bonus to be able to assign a task to Ege (anywhere in the Metroplex) and know that it will be done right the first time and be done timely.

Thanks for sending us such a jewel!


Jan Cross
Project Mgmt. Coordinator
Real Estate & General Services
Connie Starr, IIDA
Project Manager
Real Estate & General Services
PS: Dear Kirk and Terry:

As an additional note, we'd like to express our appreciation for the assistance Ege is providing Connie and Jan. We not only are hearing good results from other departments, but its nice to have Connie and Jan back in the office more.

Adena Nichols
Vice President
Real Estate & General Services
David Minkus
Senior Vice President
Operations & Business Support



March 30, 1995

Dear Terry:

I wanted to take a moment to inform you of the quality service we received from Bruce Ege and QSI during our latest move. Mr. Ege and his staff were very helpful, cooperative and organized in addition to being courteous and professional which resulted in a smooth move with minimal complications.

I look forward to working with Bruce and QSI again in the future.


Lisa Murray
Human Resources Director
(214) 969-6557



October 25, 1995

Dear Kirk and Terry:

The letter below concerns a relocation from Woodall Rodgers to Thanksgiving Tower. My "crew" referenced is of course QSI.

THANK YOU to all the guys who have spent long hours working the Tower Project with me. They always give me their best, (even when they're bone tired from the long hours) and its reflected in my customers' satisfaction.

This is the best crew I have ever worked with! I can take them on any job and accomplish everything timely and competently. Thanks again QSI for providing Quality service.


Jan Cross
Project Coordinator
Project Management
Real Estate & General Services


Internal Correspondence




Project Management

Chuck Gummer
Joe Goyne

October, 13, 1995


Jan, it is great to see you and your crew utilizing leadership skills and setting an example for all.  We especially appreciate when customers or fellow employees take the time to let us know how they feel as Teri Hawkins has done by complimenting you on a flawless relocation.

You are to be commended for your dedication and commitment to provide quality service.  Thank you for a job well done.

Charles L. Gummer
President / CEO
Comerica Bank-Texas
Joe Goyne
Vice Charman
Comerica Bank-Texas




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