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Faison-Stone Las Colinas, Inc.

January 14, 1994


This letter is to recommend Qualified Systems Installations, Inc. (Q.S.I.). Faison-Stone Las Colinas has rearranged and/or relocated our offices in Williams Square twice within the past 18 months, and Q.S.I. handled every phase of the office design, product installation, and the physical move professionally and quickly.

Kirk or Terry were only a telephone call or a beeper message away. They answered my questions and soothed my concerns over every phase of the move. Their entire crew was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly during the weekend move. On Monday morning, Kirk and several crew members were on the site to move furniture or rearrange offices to suit the new occupants. Their goal was to make my job as Office Administrator very easy during the transition, and they succeeded.

If we should ever move again, I will call only one company, Q.S.I. They have definitely earned my respect and my business.


Connie L. Kendall
Office Administrator




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