October 26, 1990

Dear Terry,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate the great job and extra effort that QSI always puts forth for us here at Eastman Kodak.

I never have to worry once I've assigned a job to QSI, I know the work will be finished in a very timely and professional manner. It's great knowing the job will run smoothly without my having to babysit it every step of the way. QSI relieves the headache and hassle of making sure the job is done, allowing me to do the things I need to be doing. I really appreciate this worry-free atmosphere.

Whenever I need work done in the future, please know that I will call QSI to be here. Thanks to QSI for all the support you've given and please feel free to call me if you ever need a reference.

Best regards,

Judy Prasse
Field Coordinator


September 4, 1991

Dear Terry:

This letter is to express my appreciation to you and all at QSI for the outstanding work you perform for the Eastman Kodak Company.

A special thanks to you for all you've done for us here in Las Colinas and usually on short or no notice at all! But, it was particularly comforting to me while relocating our remote offices such as Lubbock, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Tulsa that your dependable, hard working and dedicated staff was there to accomplish these relocations in such a professional and efficent manner. These compliments not only come from me but from all the Kodak business unit managers who are most affected in a move.

Let me say that "your help in coordinating our moves, designing workstations, the physical move, installing our furniture systems right down to delivering boxes, changing light bulbs, disconnecting refrigerators from icemakers, etc. could not have been accomplished without you---thank you, thank you, thank you."


Marie Jones
Facility Coordinator


January 15, 1993

Dear Terry:

Many thanks to you and everyone else at QSI for handling the numerous projects that Eastman Kodak had in 1992.

As usual, you insured that every project was done in a very professional, accommodating and organized manner.

Hopefully, things will calm down in 1993. However, if they do not, be assured QSI will be the first called!!


Marie Jones
Southern Zone
Operations Supervisor


May 4, 1994

Dear Terry:

First of all I would like to thank you, and please pass this on to your installation group for the outstanding service recently provided to Eastman Kodak Company in the Las Colinas facility. Your team exhibited a "can do" spirit, was very proficient and thorough in interfacing with their Kodak customers (while sometimes under considerable stress), and completed the project ahead of schedule. They were flexible to change and always willing to accommodate any request. Marie Jones spoke very highly of your company and now I understand Marie’s enthusiasm.

For billing purposes, not only on this work order, but in the future also, please send all invoices to my attention at the below listed address:

Eastman Kodak Company
Four Concourse Pkwy, S-300
Atlanta, GA 30328
ATTN: J. Morehouse, Prop Mgmt Office

It was a pleasure working with you Terry and hopefully I will have the opportunity again in the near future. If I can ever be of assistance to you here in Atlanta, please let me know and thanks again.

Very truly yours,

Judy Morehouse
Property Administrator
Southern Zone - Atlanta
JAM / dbm

M. Walsh, Property Mgr, Southern Zone, Atlanta
P. Olewnik, Project Mgr, Corporate Real Estate Office, Rochester


July 25, 1994

Dear Terry & Kirk:

I just wanted to tell you that the gentlemen did a fantastic job on the inventory. It made it easier to view and for liquidators to look at when it comes time to sell. Please give my thanks to all of the guys that participated in the inventory.

Thank you,

Dick Street



August 8, 1995

Dear Terry:

On behalf of Eastman Kodak Company, I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent effort that you and the Q.S.I. project team has put forth in providing outstanding service to Eastman Kodak in the relocation of our office in Springdale, Arkansas. Your responsiveness and cooperative spirit was outstanding in helping Kodak achieve a cost effective solution in the utilization of our existing furniture inventory as well as meeting critical installation deadlines.

It is reassuring to know that Q.S.I. is consistent in providing dependable service and high-quality furniture installations. Your commitment to the success of this project, as well as past projects for Eastman Kodak Company, is greatly appreciated.


Thank you again for all your help. I, along with the Kodak U.S. Operations team, will be looking forward to working with you again in the near future.


Eastman Kodak Company
Corporate Real Estate Office
Paul D. Olewnik
Senior Project Manager